I Aten't Dead

down the barrel of the cannon
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I’ve been in Edinburgh for a few days, though, and extremely fab it was too. Gorgeous, civilised city – I forgot how much I missed it. Full and extremely boring account to follow in a day or so. 53 photos here.

in other news, I appear to have been elected to the Executive of North Somerset Liberal Democrats, and am an official delegate to conference – should be fun. perlmonger wil have to stay home and mind the cats, and man the phones.

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  1. And does that mean we shall see you in Harrogate next spring? How splendid.

    In which case, a piece of advice. Book a room now. I mean right now, this minute. And if you’re planning to go to Brighton in the autumn, book a room now, the moment you’ve finished booking a room for Harrogate. No, really, I’m not joking.

      1. Yes … you’re probably okay for Brighton (I’ve not booked for that yet, but I booked in March for September, and struggled to find somewhere I considered acceptable, so I’ll be doing that soon), but seriously, I would do Harrogate right now. Last year I booked in January, and it was a struggle. I’ve been booked for Harrogate 2007 since August. Spring isn’t as busy as Autumn, but it’s still tough going if you don’t get straight in there.

        Also, at Harrogate, there is nothing much going on on Friday so far as I can recall, except the bar; it’s a thirty-six hour conference. However, picking up your membership stuff early on Friday afternoon is advised, to dodge the queues, though this element of things is improving.

        (Security will be tight, by the way, and they will search bags on the way in, etc., but if it’s the same team they used this year, and I think it will be, it will be fabulously charming and polite and a model of how this kind of thing should be done. After a while you learn the rhythm of when things are likely to be crowded and so on.)

        Anyway, come the time, I’ll be glad to show you around if you want and provide company if it all seems too much. PK is also coming to Harrogate as a non-voting rep, and there will be the hordes of Shepway, and doubtless assorted acquaintances from other parts of Kent!

        1. thanks for all the gen! I’ll talk to the chairman, I think, and see what he recommends. It’ll be nice to see a “familiar” face, although I know quite a lot of LibDems online from CIX.

          1. Oh, well, you’ll be introducing me to people then … I met loads of people at Harrogate last year but it was all a dreadful blur, ditto Brighton. It’s going to take years to sort them all out.

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