9 thoughts on “instant food”

  1. Bleeding expensive.

    Can’t see the point, unlike the instant bread mixes for bread machines which are priced cheaply enough to make a certain amount of sense.

  2. Unfortunately that’s the closest some have ever gotten to “baking a cake” (though you can microwave such things I believe). It scares me to think that some children grow up on these products and never know any difference apart from a brief encounter at school.

  3. I plan to make my fortune selling pre-packed water. It’s dehydrated for packagine and storage convenience. I think I can get it down to about the size of a sugar cube for a 1 litre capacity. How do you use it? Pop it in a jut, add a litre of tap or bottled water, stirr for a few moments. Tastes just like the real thing…

    MEantime, munching on a date and walnut cake made this afternoon, using up some of last year’s walnuts since we’re off to the house next week and expect to harvest this year’s… the flour came out of a bag marked “flour”, is OK? 🙂

    1. Really? I get satisfaction from baking a cake; I wouldn’t from that. I’d rather just buy the cake ready made.

      Still, each to their own 🙂

      1. baking mix = bisquick – flour with raising agents and buttermilk powder already in, rather than full-on cake mix, so you’re still mixing and choosing flavours and baking, just with a time saving on some of the dry ingredients. I got it to make US-style biscuits and gravy and found it did US pancakes so well and fritters are pretty much just pancakes with things in…

        I think even with a mix you are still getting more of the experience of making a cake and maybe enough of the experience to realise that you could crack the eggs and measure the flour yourself next time…

        I keep meaning to try the ‘mix in a milk carton’ thing because it looks easier/less messy for pouring out pancakes and drop scones than dipping out of a bowl

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