Muscle memory is an odd thing. The bannister rail in our former house was on the left as you went up the stairs; in this house it’s on the right. I’ve lived here nearly seven weeks, and I still am not used to it.

Similarly, we had to replace the microwave before xmas, and the start button is on the left, and the cancel on the right. Not only is this the other way round to our former one, but it seems just *wrong* in an user interface sort of way to me.

Missing in action from the move:

  • The blue handled coarse microplane grater. We hunted high and low for this, cursing bitterly, as these are not cheap. I knew we must have brought it because the utensil drawer in which it resided had its tray removed bag and baggage, and placed in a box. It was about four weeks before we realised that the blue handled grater had broken, and had been replaced by one with a metal handle. Badger.
  • Spare keyboards – located yesterday on the study shelves, which is of course exactly where they should be.
  • Stainless steel thermos flask.  We have the tin cups that normally travel with it, but this remains unlocated.
  • The shovel. We kept the small garden tools, and sold/gave away the bigger ones, but we decided that we would keep the shovel for inclement weather use, and possible bed digging.  I’m almost certain it actually came up in the very first wave, and was put into self storage, but we cannot find it now.
  • The spare battery charger for the camera(s) is nowhere to be found

Disappointed to find that the Asian grocers are not very good when it comes to fruit/veg.  They don’t price anything, and the quality is not all that good.  However, I think Walton Street market (Wednesday and Sunday) will do us fine in future, at least when (if?) the weather improves and the stallholders turn up.  It’s about 15 minutes walk, and I have my trusty trolly.

My Nikon D70 is playing up something chronic, and almost certain needs a new CF read/write assembly.  I’ve been quoted £92 for this, plus carriage, by a repair man, but he doesn’t promise he can do it, and it might have to go back to Nikon, at no doubt aaargh pricing.  So far, I’m keeping it going with the application of contact cleaner, but its days are numbered, I fear.  Bodies are still spendy on eBay too 🙁

4 thoughts on “miscellaneous”

  1. I still haven’t found my glass punch bowl, nearly a year after moving. I can’t figure out how such a thing could have gone missing.
    I did finally locate the connection cable for my Wii, just last week, a couple of days after I’d bought a new one! And I have at last discovered my beautiful (fake) fur coats. They were in a sack in the garage, but thankfully appear undamaged.

  2. Asian/East African/Middle Eastern grocers frequently don’t price because they charge one set of prices to people you like you and one set to people like them. I found this out because sometimes they can’t tell which category I belong to, and had the partice confirmed by a number of my pupils and their parents when I was living in East Ham.

  3. I replaced my old cistern (pull chain to flush) with a new one (push handle to flush) at the beginning of December. I’m still reaching for the chain more often than not.

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