new shoes!

hawkshead shoes

very nice, very comfortable, very good value at 25 quid, from Hawkshead. Just what I need for tramping round delivering electoral leaflets.

I’d have been happier if they hadn’t taken eight days to arrive, mind you, with no warning at all from the web site that this would be so.

a Polite e-mail was despatched yesterday, and lo and behold they turned up this morning 🙂

3 thoughts on “new shoes!”

  1. Those look excellent value, and if they’re comfy as well I may give them a try. I’m supposed to be getting some advice on trainers for walking on pavements from my local fitness shop, and no doubt those will cost a fortune. I want some others for more general wear as well, and these look as if they might fit the bill. Thank you so much for the link!

    1. they charged me £4.50 (I think) for postage, but still good value all told.

      the other place worth looking at is Lands End, but their shoe sizing is US, and doesn’t quite suit my feet.

  2. Good stuff

    Hawkshead’s stuff is pretty good I reckon – reasonably priced and well made. My “weekend boots” are two years old now and still as good as new (if a trifle dirtier).

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