progress 10 dec 09

We’ve gone back to work now, as things were piling up, and cash is running out, so not much happening at the moment.

Progress is also impeded due to the fact that I suddenly realised that it was bin day on Monday (after 11 years of it being bin day on *Thursday*) and hurtled out to put the wheelie bins At The Front Of The Property. The black one was very heavy, and I called up to Pete that he would have to move it, then decided to have another bash and somehow dropped the edge of the sodding thing on my left big toe. Excruciatingly painful. Have cracked the nail, bruised the toe very badly, and am still limping four days later, and am unable to put a shoe on. Bah. Don’t do this at home, peeps.

Still, we have:

  • Organised Man with Van to go and collect the aforementioned fireplace yesterday, as it wouldn’t fit in the car. It’s 1.85m tall with its hearth, painted white with doric columns either side, and with a real marble hearth and back piece (which nearly killed Pete and MwV getting it into the house) – going to look lovely when it goes in, and I will attempt to limp up a ladder and paint he chimney breast this weekend so that Pete can put up the television bracket, and go to the pet shop to buy some cuttlefish; apparently this is the best way to clean marble. Then I can phone the plumbering chap to come and put it in, and take out the horrible and redundant fire in the dining room.
  • Had the Warm Front people out to do a survey for the insulation, and they won’t touch it because there are cracks in the lining paper in the bedroom. There are no cracks in the office next door, but … Daniel the Polish Builder is coming back this morning to fix something that offended him in the loft access he did, so I shall consult him on what to do about it. We are pretty much out of cash right now for building works.
  • The bedroom poles, curtains and tiebacks are up, and very nice they look too. Almost floor length, dark blue, on white poles, with leaf tie backs. They make such a huge difference to the room.
  • Considered our options re a coat rack. Pete put one up, but after 24 hours it gave up the ghost and fell off the wall onto my head. Think we will put louvre doors on one of the dining room alcoves and use that for storage, and return the coats to the Shed (as we call the cupboard under the stairs).
  • Saw a chap cleaning windows in Belvoir Street yesterday, so have organised him to clean ours once a month. £2.50 for the front, a pound cheaper than LA.
  • Had our first visitors! Some folk we met at a couple of friends’ emigration live in Lincoln, and came up for supper, and to discuss a project they want when they have money. I sent Pete to the butcher for a chicken, and he returned with a free range one, at £1/lb. We had a nice evening, and shall be going down to see them in Lincoln after the New Year.
  • Got two of the four catcams up
  • Went to the Farmers’ Market at Humber Bridge on Sunday – some lovely stuff there. They’re doing a Christmas Market next weekend, so we’ll go take a look at that, and there’s a Farmers’ Market at Driffield tomorrow – if my wounded paw permits, we’ll visit that too
  • Went to see Rob Brydon in Scarborough last weekend – ate (excellent) fish and chips in a howling gale on the sea front first, encountering Mr Brydon at the counter; very rock and roll. He was hilarious, and only really did Uncle Bryn in the encore part. Very much in the style of "an evening with" rather than standup; we enjoyed it enormously
  • Went to the inaugural meeting of the Hull No2id group last week – hopefully something will come of that. We went out for a meal with the regional organiser afterwards in the Moroccan restaurant on Princes Ave, as he was staying locally, and had an excellent time putting the world to rights.

To do in the next few days:

  • Try to get to the clock hospital in the old part of Hull – sadly, the glass on my wonderful barometer has cracked.
  • Paint the chimney breast and the wall beside the kitchen (to put shelves up), then get the television bracket up. Have bought some long SCART cables to aid the installation
  • Put the wall lights up in the bedroom
  • Put the double glazing film up in bedroom and bathroom
  • Clear the living room for new front window being installed on Thursday

I can’t quite believe it’s only 2 weeks till Xmyth – I don’t feel seasonal *at all*.

Onward and upwards.