should I or shouldn't I

It has come to my attention that Come Dine With Me, the Channel 4 cooking show, is looking for contestants in Hull. For years, I’ve thought “Oooh – I’d like to go on that”, and then it got a bit silly and stopped being about ordinary people cooking for each other, and lurched towards being a freak show, as most reality shows seem to do.

But of late, it seems to have been going back to the way it used to be, and I’m wondering if I should apply.

I’m perfectly confident that my cooking is good enough, and I have a few potential menus mapped out, but on the other hand, I hate the idea of strangers poking about my home (which needs a lot of work doing to it), and there are five cats to do tend to, um, help in the kitchen.

Readers, what do you think? Know anyone who’s been on the show? Would it be crazy or a brilliant idea?