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We bought this patio heater from a friend many years ago – it’s never even had a gas cylinder fitted, never mind been lit.

Such patio heaters are now Bad and Wrong, and we try to be environmentally conscious. We were going to freecycle it, then it struck us that if it’s not eco-friendly for us, it wouldn’t be for anyone else. So perlmonger took it to bits, and he’s taken it to the dump domestic disposal facility this morning

I bet Tesco would *love* this

Shoppers were urged yesterday to take direct action to force supermarkets to cut the excessive and wasteful packaging that goes direct from the shop shelf to the household bin. The environment minister Ben Bradshaw advised food shoppers to leave excessive wrapping at the tills and to report the stores to trading standards in an attempt to cut the amount of unnecessary plastic sent to landfill sites.

story from the Guardian.

I’d love to see it happening, though …