it's endemic …

we just had a ring on the doorball, from a chap selling door to door from He had a van full of stuff, and we were interested enough to let him show us his wares.

he brought a heap of boxes to the house; he had salmon, tuna, hake and cod, and all the rest was ready-cooked. We don’t buy – or eat – ready-cooked food, as we’re lucky enough to have the time to cook most nights; and if we don’t, we take something we’ve previously cooked from the freezers.

so he was a bit disappointed that most of his offerings didn’t appeal. perlmonger and I were interested in the fish; it seemed to be from reasonably sustainable sources, but we were concerned about freezer space.

and “it’ll be ok if *you* organise it”, he said to perlmonger. I told him he nearly lost the sale by making stupid sexist remarks, and he was really quite taken aback. P pointed out that actually, it would in fact be much better if *I* did it. And I did, and 12 tuna steaks and 14 pieces of cod loin* are in there.

* I find it very difficult to think of fish loins, don’t you?

more re sexism

further to this, Guy Kewney has written a posting on the subject.

Many surveys have suggested, regularly, that mature business buyers are actually deterred from promotions – exhibition booths, events and advertising – which assumes a 20-year-old male as the stereotype customer. These surveys are all nonsense, in the minds of the CF devcon organiser. Women don’t exist; adult males are all sexually rampant and alcohol-fuelled. Muslims only pretend to be uninterested in getting drunk, and Real Programmers are either adolescent, or wish they were.

more here

all's fair …

perlmonger and I went to the greasy spoon for lunch. This is not important, except as background for why we were “reading” the Daily Mirror and the Sun.

the usual page 3 girls were well in evidence, and further into the paper were photos from this Royal Marine initiation thing that’s all over the news, with nekkid soldiers and so forth. And both papers hid the soldiers genitalia, either by blacking them out, or pixellation.

is it me, or is this hypocrisy of the highest order?