Tequila girls

please note: I’d be obliged if you’d read perlmonger‘s post here either before, or after, you read mine. Or both. But read it and take note.

perlmonger has posted about his e-mail exchange with the organiser of www.cfdevcon.com

what he didn’t tell you was that I contacted him first.

I sent my mails from my personal domain, and signed the first one “mac jordan (mrs)”, so he should have realised.

me: >> private bar, music provided by a Live DJ and Tequila slammer girls.

not all CF developers are men; not all of them are het, either. If I had time to attend, I wouldn’t, as you seem to have some sort of frat house attitude to the whole thing.

him: 99.9% of the delegates are hetro and male, so it is common sense to cater to them.
i’m sorry this is no fun for you, but disciminating everyone else is not the answer to your problem.
me: perhaps it doesn’t occur to you that you have a self-selecting sample there; I’ll return now to needlework and kittens.
him: There would be little point in my running a homosexual developer conference and only have half a dozen people turn up now would there.
I cannot help you with common sense, if you don’t get then you don’t get it.
But bashing people for being straight really is the pot calling the kettle black. I have absolutely no problem with homsexual men or women, but it appears you seem to have have a problem with us straight people
me: I think perhaps you’ve missed the point. I’m a woman. I’m also the wife of Pete Jordan (I signed my first mail to you with a “mrs”), with whom you have been communicating on the same subject, seemingly in the mistaken belief that he is gay. (He isn’t. I know.)

the point *is* that you could have organised a conference with evening entertainment that wasn’t so blatantly catering for any specific sexual orientation, so that anyone could have felt comfortable coming along. Which, as a middle aged woman, I certainly wouldn’t.

end of conversation as far as I’m concerned.

but not as far as he was …
him: if you don’t like tequila no-one would have forced you to drink any, it is entirely optional.
If you can’t attend a conference just because there will be girls selling tequila at the party, then that’s just sad really. Do you also not go into bars with female bar staff?
I’m sorry you begrudge other people having a good time, but i’m sure they wont be losing any sleep over it.

I wish I thought I had changed his attitudes one iota, but I bet I haven’t. perlmonger and I will probably be the butt of the joke at their Tequila Slammer party 🙂

Piers Cawley has linked to this in his own blog here.

edit 2:
so has Dave Cross.

10 thoughts on “Tequila girls”

    1. the girl in that picture is me, and i am his wife!

      so i do hope that comment was not meant in any degoratory sense as this has nothing to do with me and i am not a tequila slammer girl, neither will i take kindly to any degoratory remarks being made about me.

  1. I really wonder out of the attendees at the post conference party how many of the straight males would prefer there not to be the Tequila Slammer Girls. I think if he did a survey he’d be rather surprised.


    1. Well, quite. For a start, how about serving some Tequila that you can sip, rather than the usual vile filth that you have to neck so as to avoid retching.

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