weekend 13/14 dec 08

on Saturday I did the shopping while manfully dropped Ethernet cable through the ceiling to get rid of the Very Long Run that used to be there, and fitted the side panel on the bath.

Popped in the local garage to hire a car for Sunday, as we had do some eBay ferryin, and was somewhat taken aback to encounter Liam Fox at the service desk …

Cooked dinner for Pat and Dave and Sasha and John (pork and leeks in cider and cream, pear and chocolate and hazelnut crumble).

Sunday, set off for Swansea at 9, collected bits, went for a walk at Mumbles, watched X Factor (amazingly we managed to avoid the result i’m the news, although it was hardly a surprise), then watched the Peter Kay version tonight, which made us weep with laughter.

Pete is now dismantling an armchair.

Typing this on the iPhone, which is tedious. G’night.

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