skirted and booted

I’m wearing a skirt today. Now, you might think that hardly worthy of note, and I don’t blame you, but it’s only the second time I’ve worn a skirt this year, and I actually can’t remember the last time before that.

It’s brown, and quite short, and sort of flippy, and I wore it with thick brown tights, flat boots, and an olive top, and a sage green velour hoodie over it when I went out on my bike (twice, today). This is an outfit I would never have worn in the past … oh, 15 years, probably, but I look better these days, and more importantly, I have a much better feeling about how I look.

I had to go into town this afternoon, as my sunglasses needed tightening, and we didn’t have a small enough jeweller’s screwdriver. And Wah – the frame has cracked, lord knows how, and I don’t think they’re repairable. They’re only fake Ran-Ban Wayfarers from China, but I’m very fond of them and, more importantly, they’re very black, which is useful in the low sun we get at this time of year. Bah.

While I was in town, I nipped (or popped) into Primark to pick up another pair of the cheap velour trousers that are so nice for lounging about the house (£4 – how do they do it?). Brought them home and realised that I’d automatically picked up size 16, and I’m now a 12 in Primark trouser sizing. It’s a hard habit to break! Back to town on Saturday then.

A Chap is coming tomorrow to see if he can fix the boiler; if you could all keep fingers crossed that it is going to be a) cheap and b) quick to sort, I’d be most grateful, because it’s bloody cold now in the evenings.

gosh …

I bought this Hobbs skirt from eBay – I’ve never had Hobbs before, but now there’s so much less of me …

It’s arrived, it’s gorgeous, it’s a size 14.  And it’s *too big*! But it’s so lovely, and cost a fiver including postage, that I’m going to have it altered.