West Wing again – hurrah!

No, don’t get excited … just for me and ‘im.

We were eyeing up the DVD shelves yesterday, and realising that we probably needed to shift things round a bit. And our eyes lit on the West Wing boxed set, and perlmonger said that he thought it was time we watched it all again, and indeed it is.

So we started last night with The American President, just to set us up. And now, of course we’re out tonight, and have friends over tomorrow night, and I can’t start watching TWW till Sunday.

Something to look forward to all the same, though, especially as I’m likely to be spending a good chunk of Sunday delivering the Clarion to Barrow Gurney. Never let it be said that we don’t lead an exciting life …

boxed set finished …

we finished our West Wing boxed set last night.

I do have [cough] series 7 up to date, but it was in AVI files that someone had kindly sent me on DVDs, and we really don’t like watching television up here in the study, and have no means at the moment of putting computery stuff through a television.

so I set to tonight to transfer the AVIs onto a DVD format that would play downstairs. Some googling informed that I could do it with Toast, which is great – I got Toast. but oh my word, isn’t it *slow* to do this …

despite much chivvying along, this usually quite nippy dual 2.5Ghz Mac took bloody ages to do the first three, to the point where we were reduced to watching *something else* while we consumed supper (goulash, since you ask).

at 10 p.m., I popped in here to see if the DVD was written; it was, I tested it on this machine and it was fine, so whipped it downstairs to the televisual stack to try. And it worked there too – how we managed to watch just *one* episode I have no idea. Currently converting and burning the next three.

I’m going to miss it *so* much when it’s over.

farewell to the West Wing

so, to nobody’s surprise, I suspect, here’s the confirmation from the Washington Post that series 7 will be the last.

[don’t read the link if you haven’t caught up with series 6 – there be some mild spoilers there]

I think it’s as well – although Sorkin didn’t set out for it to be that way, it was about Barlet’s presidency just as much as his staff, and for me it simply wouldn’t work with another president.

and so it begins

despite having told ourselves we would watch The American President to kick it off, we couldn’t wait.

so last night we commenced our West Wing orgy – 3 episodes only, because perlmonger was knackered, and oh – I’d forgotten just how fresh and wonderful it was. I think it was codepope who first alerted us to it.

so – just for me, and behind a cut just in case it would be a spoiler for someone – series 1, episodes 1-3