And so it begins

Thanks to a tip from syllopsium (on IRC – don’t scurry off to his LJ), I have ordered the boxed set of Babylon 5 from Amazon for the princely sum of £78.97.

I’ve never really watched it, and I suspect I will not be a fan, but perlmonger is a huge fan, and it’s for him. Means we can clear dozens of VHS tapes off the top of the bookshelves too 🙂

Also ordered – West Wing S7. We have one DVD left from S5, so the end is in sight.

5 thoughts on “And so it begins”

    1. Indeed – which is where Pete’s copies will be going. It’s one of the last things we had a video player for, so I hope we can get rid soon.

  1. You’ll love it. It’s War And Peace in space. Make allowances for the compromises that had to happen to get it made for american TV. The acting, especially by the late Andreas Katsulas and Peter Jurasik, is world-class. I defy anyone to be moved by the evolving relationship between their two character. You’ll see what I mean. To do what AK did with his character would be hard in a normal drama. To do it with only your eyes visible from out of a mass of prosthetic is astonishing.

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