and the results are …

januviaLast time I went to the doctor, on 1 June, she was not encouraged by my diabetic condition. She upped my Metformin to 4 pills a day, and put me on Januvia (sitigliptin) as well. She gave me strict warnings that if I didn’t mend my ways, the next lot of medication was the sort that had to be declared to DVLA, and it all gave me a bit of a fright.

Since then, I have taken my pills like a good girl, increased my exercise, and watched my diet a lot more. And this morning, I got the results – HbA1c down from 9.4 two months ago, to 7 today. Yay!  I have to keep taking the tablets, but no increased dose, and indeed I might be able to cut some of them. And no more tests for six months, so I must be managing it better. She did say that probably the sitagliptin did the trick – I just wish it didn’t give me these bloody headaches.

I suppose that celebrating with chips and chocolate and white bread and more chocolate and more chips would be foolish, but I do feel rather pleased all the same.