having his evil way

Mustrum and Henry

Mustrum used to have an unfortunate tendency to, er, press his affections on our late and much lamented Moo. Although she wasn’t keen, she never stopped him, and he has never really come to understand that he’s been neutered.

He appears to have transferred his affections to Henry now, who seems equally submissive, if a tad wild-eyed, as can bee seen in the photograph. It’s all very odd, really

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4 thoughts on “having his evil way”

  1. Snufkin used to do that to Smudge, which tended to lead to cries of ‘stop buggering your brother’, and jokes about catamites and cats who might not. Smudge would look very long-suffering.

    When Snufkin ill-advisedly tried it on with Minnow, she sternly whopped him one with her paw and no more was said.

  2. Bramble and Morgan are both neutered toms. Phoebe is a neutered queen.

    Phoebe will not allow either of the other cats to touch her.

    Bramble and Morgan can often be seen like your two, but it’s not sexual at all; it’s just affection. They give each other a mutual face and ear wash, then lie down together and go to sleep. Occasionally the washing turns into biting and play fighting and once in a while Bramble will get too fierce and Morgan will stalk off to find somewhere else to sleep.

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