weekend cooking

On Saturday morning, I peeled and diced the two swedes from the veg box, and several carrots, and set them to boil with a load of potatoes.

There was some massala left from the other day, so 1/3 of the potatoes were fried until crispy in some groundnut oil, then added to the massala sauce to bulk it out a bit. Then we ate it for lunch, accompanied by a tortilla (I know, I know, but they needed eating).

Half the swede and carrot, and half the remaining spud, went into a bubble and squeak for Saturday supper (I had to boil some cabbage especially!), which we consumed with Toulouse sausages.

Due to the lack of veg box hereabouts recently, we haven’t had banana cake or muffins for weeks and weeks, but last weekend the farm shop had brown bananas. I bought some and left them on the side for a few days, and on Saturday afternoon, I turned them into a brace of banana cakes (seemed a shame to turn the oven on for just sausages, you see).

The last 1/3 of the spuds went towards yesterday’s brunch: bacon, black pudding, some wizened mushrooms, fried potatoes, fried egg. Lovely jubbly.

Sunday supper was meant to be chickie! pie – that would have included some of the remaining swede/carrot mix, and the last of the chicken from the previous Sunday. However, after 5 hours straight gardening, we couldn’t be arsed, so we’ll have it tonight. We just stir-fried some asparagus with chilli and ginger and had it with basmati rice, and followed it with a bar of Green and Black almond choccy, as a treat.