an afternoon in the kitchen

Liliphant being helpful
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1.5kg chicken thighs turned into lemony chicken with coriander, and chicken tagine with apricot and chickpeas.

All the old veg chopped up and made into soup for next week, with the stock from the gammon cooked in ginger beer (which worked really well).

All helped by Lily sitting on the recipe sheet. But she did do it beautifully …

progress of a sort

Well, she survived the night. The vet nurse said she really didn’t expect her to, and that she was probably two hours away from death.

She’s not out of the wood yet, as they keep stressing, but her fluid levels are much better, she’s having antibiotics through her IV, her temperature is up to normal (she was very cold), and she’s now taking high calorie food through a nose tube. We’ve just been over to see her, and she looks dreadful, but possibly marginally less dreadful than she did yesterday. I don’t think she really noticed we were there, but I’m glad we went. They’ll phone us if there’s any change for the worse tonight, or if not, then tomorrow morning.

Oh, and of course, they’re all in love with her. People always are.

While we were up in the Gloucester Road area, I went into Brewers Droop (isn’t that a great name?!) and got the rest of the winemaking kit I need, having picked up a Freecycled lot earlier this week. Popped into Maplins for a couple of USB sticks for a potential project and popped straight back out – £14.99 fpr 2Gb!

Fish pie and a very early night for us – we’re both exhausted.

touch and go

look at me – I’m *cute*
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Our lovely Bada is back in the hospital, admitted as an emergency yesterday afternoon. I can’t sleep, which is why I’m writing it up now.

For the past few days, Pete kept saying “she’s getting better” and I knew it was wishful thinking.

She’d still been going out, and I didn’t want to stop her. We had to leave the house for a couple of hours yesterday; when we got home, there was no sign of her – I tried not to panic, but failed. About 3 p.m. she came in, and was in a *dreadful* state; I’ve never seen a cat so ill. She could barely walk, and just collapsed on the bed, so we headed straight for Zetland. They told us it was touch and go; when they phoned last night, she has signs of kidney failure, severe dehydration, multiple infections. She’s in an oxygen tank, poor little kit.

They did say that she was more comfortable, and sleeping “curled up”, but they didn’t know whether they might need to phone us during the night “in case decisions need to be made”. It’s almost 5 a.m. and no phone call, so I’m going to assume that she’s made it thus far, and wait for them to ring later this morning.

I hate this waiting.

keep paws x-ed

I phoned the emergency vet who saw Bada last week, and they seemed rather concerned that she is not improving. In fact, as today has gone on, I would say she has got worse …

So we shall take her to see Judith’s replacement at 4.45 – I don’t want to drag her over to Zetland in the rush hour, and he will have access to all the notes, as they are part of the same practice.

:: worried

p.s. at last I have a Bada icon.