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I threw caution, and the diet, to the wind over the weekend.  There was a couple of glasses of wine on Friday night, and (I’m ashamed to say) a frenzied attack on a packet of Cadburys chocolate fingers.  On Saturday there was fruit cake, and fish and chips, and ice cream in the form of a Magnum; Sunday was better – cereal for breakfast, half a baguette (white) with chicken and cucumber and mayo, lentils and rice for supper.  But another couple of glasses of wine, and a singleton faux Bahlsen chocolate bikkit (from Aldl, or possibly Lidi).

And my word – I felt like shit this morning.  No energy, bloated and miserable – didn’t even go swimming, which I’d planned to do.  So back on the diet I go – don’t like feeling like this.

And you will be pleased to know (well, those who give a toss :), that I have made an appointment to see the doctor on Friday.

you may be seeing less of me in future

inspired by a friend of mine, who has lost 3 stone, I decided it was finally time to do something about my weight.

I’m not actually dieting, insofar as I’m not following Atkins or GI or low fat or any such thing. I’m just thinking about what I eat, eating much more slowly, eating only when hungry, cutting down (but not out!) the alcohol, and drinking *lots* of water. I’m eating pretty much what I want, but less of it (it’s the Paul McKenna approach, loosely).

June 4th – 12 st 5 lbs (173 lbs)
June 21st – 11 st 12 lbs (166lbs)

so – half a stone in 17 days. I’m well chuffed. A small w00t is in order, I think, and possibly even a rar!.

I shall continue to chart my progress, if anyone is interested. Or even if they’re not, as it’s a useful aide memoire for me.

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