a brisk walk

Bridlington north beach


The weather here has been very cold, but we have been spared most of the snow that has fallen on a lot of the rest of the country; we had some flurries on Thursday, but nothing was laying for long. So we decided to go up to Flamborough on Saturday, and do the cliff top walk between North and South Landings.

“You’re mad”, they cried, ‘It’s blowing a gale” and one friend informed us that the wind was at 38 mph, but it was blowing onshore, so that was alright. We were undaunted.

I vaguely recalled that I had bought some thinsulate trousers ages ago and had a rummage for them. They’d never been worn, and bore a label stating them to be a 12/14, so I wasn’t hopeful, but I got them on. I did them up! I added thinsulate gloves and hat, thick socks, walking boots, a ski polo neck, a fleece, a 3-in-1 jacket, and a snood. I was ready. Pete donned a similar amount of clothing and off we went.

We parked in Flamborough village, opened the car doors, and … oof. The wind was amazingly strong, and so so cold. We battled towards the headland, but as soon as we got out of the relative shelter of the houses, it got worse. We battled back to the car and went to South Landing. Walked down to the beach (tide was in, of course), then up the steps to the cliff top. As soon as we got out into the open there, it was hopeless; it didn’t feel safe to walk at all. And I had to keep clutching my hat, because I thought it was going to blow off. So I suppose we did about 2.5km bimbling about there. Then we went to North Landing and had a bacon buttie, because otherwise the day might have been considered a failure.

And then we thought we’d go into Bridlington – got to be better there, we thought. It wasn’t. We got a nice ex-foliation thanks to the sand particles in the air, the spume was blowing everywhere, and the waves were very high. So we battled down the sea front for ¼ mile or so and back again, and then came home, lit a fire and drank tea. I’d had the foresight to put a chicken in the slow cooker (yes, a whole one – it really works), so dinner was done when we got in too.

Nice to get out, really.

In passing, I’d done 6.5km on the treadmill before breakfast, and apparently I climbed the Seattle Space Needle (you think I’d have noticed, really).

weekend 2/3 October 2010

Amazing – it wasn’t raining on Saturday! So I did some of the ironing mountain, and then cycled into town to return something to Primark, and buy some t-shirts for Pete. 15 minutes in one queue, and 10 in the other. sigh. Then I went to Wilkinsons and bought an ironing board cover and a new peg bag, as ours is disintegrating. It’s a rock and roll lifestyle, and no mistake.

We’re 1.5 miles from town, but I took the long way in, and a longer way back, and my trip was almost 8 miles.  Pete had gone elsewhere for the afternoon, and returned home with a backpack full of fruit and veg, including rhubarb. So I perpetrated a rhubarb crumble, which we had after eating dhal and chapatti, which he constructed. Slumped in front of Strictly and X-Factor after that.

On Sunday, we were planning to cycle over to Beverley to the Apple Fest, which was touted as having a Bird of Prey display amongst other things. As the morning progressed, it was clear that bikes were out unless they were amphibious, and as it progressed further, we realised that the whole plan was out – it just got wetter and wetter out there.

So instead, I finished the ironing (what a lot there was), made the filling and pastry for a chicken pie for supper, turned the heating on (oh the luxury of having working heating!) and decided to watch a movie for the afternoon.

We decided on Shawshank Redemption, which is currently ranked #2 on IMDB, and is just a perfect, perfect film. Before we started it, I dug out my Kaffe Fassett tapestry, which I have had for ages and hardly started. And after that, I dug out my magnifying daylight lamp, as I couldn’t actually see to sew. The tapestry is an aubergine. I did a Fassett cauliflower a few years ago, but I cannot find the damn thing – so annoying.

Then Pete assembled the pie, which we ate with a heap of broccoli, Channel 4’s Art programme (undecided), X-Factor (fixed), Downton Abbey (proving disappointing). I got quite into the tapestry too, which was nice – already wondering what to do next!

Lazy weekend, but there’ll be more of them now the autumn has et in.

season of mists and mellow wossnames

As regular readers will know, it has been my wont through the summer to go out for an early morning bike ride. I went out yesterday for the first time since the previous Wednesday (25/8), and what a difference … Autumn has arrived while I wasn’t looking.

I took a thin cardi and never took it off, there was a heavy mist which didn’t burn off till about 7 a.m., and it won’t be long before I need lights at 6.30. There’s a real sharpness to the air now, and the days are becoming noticeably shorter.

Not that I mind – autumn is my favourite time of year, and if we’re lucky we get lovely sunny days and crisp nights. Must find time to go brambling on Sunday!

lovely weather

there’s a real nip in the air this week – autumn seems to be here. Lovely stuff – my favourite time of year.

update on the weekend later for those who aren’t bored to death with the saga.

and how delightful to see her purple_perilness last night. We fed her a scratch meal of meatballs and spaghetti, followed by choccy moooooooooooooooose (sorry, gmul), and nattered away until the witching hour. Very pleasant evening.

gardening with cats

gardening with cats
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we went and bought the plants this afternoon for the baskets and hanging planters. Here they are, complete with furry helpers.

everything is now planted (apart from the growbag’s tomato and pepper plants). And, as generally happens to me, I was out watering these bloody baskets in torrential rain, with thunder and lightning overhead.

thank *you*, weather ghod.